With modest costs, solid returns and good looks on your investments, the new type of garage door can add a curb appeal to the value of your home. If there is an appropriate door for your buildings or commercial establishments; to ensure security of your property, there is also a right equipment to use or can be installed in your homes for further safety or security. Garage door comes in 4 basic types.

One may roll-up, swing-out, swing-up or slide. The swing-out doors or sliding doors are good option if you needed to keep your ceiling clear, and if you like their distinctive appearance. Otherwise, the very popular choice is a sectional roll-up garage door. Well, before you finally make a purchase of the roll-up garage door, make sure to measure the spaces between the opening and ceiling and overhead framing.

Canopy Garage Doors

A canopy garage door is the single panel type garage door which only utilizes vertical tracks in the side of a door frame, flipping to open. Typically, a canopy door requires manual operation. But, this type of garage door built with torsion springs that make it very easy to close or open.

Rectangle Garage Door

A rectangle garage door is also a single-panel type of garage door; however, different from the canopy styles in so many ways. The opened rectangle doors will be completely retract back to the garage, not like the canopy doors that partially hang over outside.

Roller Garage Doors

A roller garage door is designed as the compact solutions, and is usually built with a corrugated steel panel. They let the entire door to roll-up smoothly into the box directly in the opening of the garage. Normally, they are quieter if compared to other designs or styles of garage doors as they can be rolled-up straight down/up from their above compartment. Definitely worth checking out Prestige Roller shutters if you are in the south-east they offer great value in this area.


Since most of the buildings or commercial offices today have glass doors & windows allowing the unobstructed views inside, then it could be tough to find the right concentration & privacy. This lacking of privacy could be also dangerous. Fortunately, a roller shutter door solves this issue by offering the steel barriers in-front of doors & windows. If you’re among those individuals who own a building or commercial establishment, and you wish to have privacy in your property then don’t bother yourself about installing a roller shutter door. You will surely enjoy the privacy that you want once you have installed that kind of door in your business.


No question, most people or business owners want to ensure a complete safety or security of their business, while saving costs. Since a roller shutter door is made of extruded aluminum or galvanized steel, it is very affordable for the business owners. Aside from that, roller shutter –doors are sturdy, hard-wearing, strong and great value for your money.